Friday, June 20, 2014

Carmel Bach Festival - Cottages, Gardens & Cantatas 2014 - Rivermouth and Winton Garden

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The Carmel Bach Festival Cottages, Gardens & Cantatas continues with our last two gardens.  Both exquisite, yet both completely different. As captivated as I was by the unusual variety of flowering succulents at Rivermouth, I was equally mesmerized with the abundant variety of flowering trees and plants behind the arbor at Winton Garden. At the end of this post enjoy a video montage of beauty from these two properties.


Located at 26454 Carmelo, this property views the Carmel Wetlands and Mission Ranch from the front

and Carmel River Beach,
Carmel Meadows, 

all the way to Point Lobos and beyond from the back. 

At Rivermouth I enjoy the music of the ocean as I stroll the expansive gardens which begin at the long driveway featuring Monterey cypress.

Under the trees are drought resistant shrubs, and a variety aeonium 

 some forming showy
 elongated blooms.

With commanding views
from every direction, 

the owners have incorporated a number of intimate seating areas into their outdoor space.

My favorite features a
 cozy fireplace, potbelly stove

and whimsical sculpture of Don Quixote. 

Winton Garden 

26221 Carmelo 

A few blocks north of Rivermouth is Winton Garden framed in the front by a formal boxwood hedge.

Yet once I enter the arbor covered with fragrant Royal Sunset rose 

the garden becomes less formal, 

every square inch filled with a multitude of fantastic flowering foliage,  

including between the
meandering stepping stones.
And this is just the front yard.

Ten years ago the garden was laid out by Tim Hill of Hill and Dale Landscape Design and now lovingly cared for by the owners.

Under the stone arch is another magical floral fantasyland 

filled with begonia, fern, 
abutilon, helleborn,

 cestrum, rose and clematis
 to name a couple.

Enjoy the following video of Rivermouth and Winton Garden and make sure to review the extensive offerings at the 77th Carmel Bach Festival Bach and the Italians. 

Part 1 Mission Orchard House and Le Papillon
Part 2 The House with the Red Gate and Cimarron


All photos and video by L. A. Momboisse 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Carmel Bach Festival - Cottages, Gardens & Cantatas 2014 - House with the Red Gate & Cimarron

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The House with the Red Gate

The Carmel Bach Festival Cottages Gardens & Cantatas tour continues with our next property, The House with the Red Gate located on Camino Real between 7th and 8th Avenue. 

This lovely cottage, built in the 1920's is the home of artist Kathy Sharpe and Stanford professor William Sharpe. 

The garden, designed by Michele Clement, is filled with vibrantly colorful flowering plants.

The bright colors of the garden seamlessly extend past the front door into the home

where cheery splashes of color

accent the cottage.

Light streams in through windows

and skylights 

making this an artist's paradise.  

The Outlook String Quartet which consists of very talented high school musicians from Carmel, Pacific Grove and Robert Louis Stevenson High School perform for our enjoyment. 

26085 Scenic Avenue 

In 1931, when few structures existed on Carmel Point, Hollywood silent film actor Richard Dix built a home on Scenic Drive. Modeled after a Taos pueblo, the picture below shows the home shortly after construction.

Richard Dix stared in numerous silent films from 1917 to 1929 and was one of the few actors to successfully make the transition to the "talkies."


In 1931 Dix stared in Cimarron the first film to receive more than six Academy Award nominations. Though he did not receive the Best Actor award, the house he built with stunning views of Carmel Beach he named Cimarron.

In 1937 the home was sold to Gustav Lannestock and his wife Lucile Cherry Lannestock.  They would reside in Cimarron for the next 45 years.  Lucille was an early member of the Carmel Bach Festival and the Carmel Music Society.  

"The couple opened their home to some of the greatest minds of their time.  John Steinbeck, Ed Ricketts, Henry Miller, John Cage and Robinson Jeffers were all frequent guests, cavorting about the grounds while Lucille played the living room's grand piano.  The Lannestocks hosted a cocktail party every evening at 5:30, open to one and all, whether old friends or those merely strolling by on the beach." (1) 

Cimarron has been significantly changed over the years. The current owner Barbara Ferguson made the decision a few years ago to bring the property back to its Southwestern roots. With the addition of Arizona flagstone stepping stones,

organ pipe cactus,

flat roof terrace with surrounding parapet,

rounded stuccoed corners 

and decorative tiles, accents of Pueblo Revival architecture 
are seen throughout the property.

Here in the tranquil backyard patio, it is said that John Steinbeck wrote parts of The Grapes of Wrath

Enjoy the following video of The House with the Red Gate and Cimarron.

Next up Rivermouth where we will enjoy the music of the ocean and the Winton Garden which overflows with flora.

Part 3 Rivermouth and Winton Garden
Part 1 Mission Orchard House and Le Papillon  


All photos and video by L. A. Momboisse except those listed below:

- Black and White photo taken of a photo on the wall at Cimarron.
- Photo poster of Cimarron from Wikipedia

(1) Chatfield, Michael. "Rooted in the Past." Carmel Magazine. Summer/Fall 2013: Page 87  

Monday, June 16, 2014

Carmel Bach Festival - Cottages, Gardens & Cantatas 2014 - Mission Orchard House & Le Papillon

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Dene Denny and Hazel Watrous, musical producers and owners of the Dene-Watrous Gallery, believed that Carmel-by-the-Sea should be the epicenter of world-class music, art and cultural expression.  In 1935 they set out to make their dream a reality by founding the Carmel Bach Festival

The festival began as a four-day concert series at the Sunset School Auditorium and the Carmel Mission.  Now in its 77th Season, the Carmel Bach Festival features over 75 performances and free community events at 12 locations around Monterey Peninsula.  

This year the Carmel Bach Festival held their inaugural Carmel Bach Festival Home and Garden Tour in May, featuring three gardens and three homes in the Carmel-by-the-Sea and Carmel Point area.  Many sites offered live classical music performed by musicians from the Festival's Young Musician Concert.  Our first stop, Mission Orchard House.

 Mission Orchard House 
3100 Rio Road 

Many of us pass the Mission Orchard House daily while driving along Rio Road, but few have the opportunity to go behind the gate to visit the extraordinary casita garden and view what is considered the oldest residential dwelling in California.

There are two main houses on the property, one built of adobe and one of wood. The two structures, c. 1929, (adobe left, wood right) are seen in the picture below.


Though this property has a facinating history, this post will concentrate on the structures and garden in their present state.  

Just inside the gate stands a very old cork oak tree.  A native of Western Europe, namely Spain and Portugal, this oak may have been planted by Fr. Palou at the same time he planted the pear orchard next to the mission in 1774. 

The cork oak forms a thick bark that may be harvested every 9 to 12 years.  The harvesting does not hurt the trees, some of which can live for up to 250 years. 

The adobe wall shown in the picture above was part of the original orchard wall built in 1774 to surround Fr. Palou's pear orchard.  Today this wall is the north wall of the adobe living room, giving this adobe casita the distinction of being considered the oldest residential dwelling in California.               

In 1812 mission records show that a lean-to was built against the orchard adobe wall to provide housing for the mission orchardist and caretaker. 

Over the years the lean-to would grow to double its original size. 

In 1921 Carmel Mission pastor Father Ramon Mestres hired Jo Mora to restore the adobe house. 

Joe Mora's paintings decorate the walls.

Mora hired stonemason Juan Martoral to build the large field-stone chimney into an addition to the north wall of the living room.

In the 1920's the adobe house would be opened as a tea house by Carmel's second mayor and first female mayor, Eva DeSalba. 

Adjacent to the adobe,

the second house on the property, the pink wood structure, was originally built by squatters beginning in 1850.  

Legend claimed that the house was built on piers of whalebone vertebrae.  In 1996 when the house was restored, this was proved to be true.

As I walked the gardens, the tranquil sounds of the cello, played by high school freshman Robert Percell, filled the air. 

The various owners of this property have added to the gardens over the years. An uneven brick walkway leads past a ramada for al fresco dinning.

The gardens are overflowing with flora in every direction. 


pride of Madeira, and

bird of paradise.

Variety of roses, 


 flowering aloe vera,

and prickly pear cactus.

In 1976, antique dealer Harry Lewis Scott purchased the property and decorated the home and garden with museum worthy antiques.  

He even incorporated pieces of St. Patrick’s Cathedral, damaged in the Loma Prieta Earthquake of 1989, into the garden.

In the mid 1990’s, Mr. Scott sold the property which had come to be known as “Mission Orchard House,” to the Monterey Diocese.  He maintained a life estate on the property and after his passing in 2011, the Mission Orchard House property became part of the Diocese of Monterey.  The Diocese is currently investigating what must be done to preserve and restore this important piece of our history.

Le Papillon 
25091 Hatton Road 

Our next property, Le Papillion, is owned by Brenda and David Mauldwin.  Brenda runs a garden design and consulting company, The Window Box. 

Her creative touch appears throughout. From wine bottle oil lamps which illuminate the property at night, 

to the large spirit nest, a memorial to the homes previous owner, Brenda's love of whimsy is everywhere.

As I tour the garden, recorded mandolin music of Mike Marshall and Caterina Lichtenberg accompany my walk. Enjoy this video of Le Papillon gardens.

Next up, an artist's dream home, The House with the Red Gate and Cimarron a home with lovely Carmel Beach view. 

Part 2 The House with the Red Gate and Cimarron
Part 3 Rivermouth and Winton Garden

All photos and video by L. A. Momboisse except those listed below:

- Black and white of adobe and wood house taken after 1921. (Kent Seavey, Images of America Carmel A History in Architecture, (Arcadia Publishing, 2007) p.17

- Black and white photo from 1929 - the Mission Tea House. Photo used with permission from Casa Q Events. Casa Q Events planned the dinner at Orchard House given in honor of the 300th anniversary of the birth of Blessed Father Junipero Serra.