Monday, April 10, 2017

Hugh Comstock’s Architectural Signature – Inside “Doll’s House”

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“Some time last year an easterner came out to the Monterey peninsula, built himself a house to settle down in, and decided to do a friendly thing in Carmel…He wanted to help create…He therefore chose an architect who would carry out this feeling sympathetically in the lines of his houses.  He rearranged his lots and the cottages on them (first consulting and obtaining the consent of the City Council) so that instead of standing on narrow wedges of plots, city fashion, they would be grouped together with a feeling of spaciousness about them, as in a park...

He therefore shortened and widened the lots…grouped his cottages in community fashion…like the English cottage groups in their garden cities.  The houses were cleverly planned and executed by Hugh Comstock

These quaint little cottages are nevertheless modern, with their electric stoves and hot water, their ironing-boards tucked cleverly away…These fetching little houses…stand on Ocean Avenue at the rise, lifting to a glimpse of the sea.  There are five of them in a group among the trees.  The landscaping about them has given them a unity.” (1) 

Currently (April, 2017) Doll's House is on the market for $995,000.  What a difference 90 years makes in real estate values.

One of approximately 300 properties on the Carmel Historic Resource Inventory, Doll's House has been protected and preserved as close as possible to its original plan (at least on the outside).  

Inside one finds the signature Comstock Carmel stone fireplace,  
and  low beamed ceiling on first floor.

A typical narrow stairway leads upstairs  

through uniquely shaped doorways,
another Comstock signature,
 to cozy bedrooms.  

The kitchen though upgraded from 1928 still has a quaint cottage feel. 

For more information on the Comstock homes in the Historic Hill district visit my site here.

For more information on Carmel's historic homes, and an interactive Google Map, please see my book Historic Homes and Inns of Carmel by the Sea, available on Amazon and at many of our local shops downtown.  

Until next time Happy Adventures! 
Pictures courtesy of L. A. Momboisse 

(1) February 6, 1929, The Swain Houses, The Carmelite

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