Scenic Drive - Walk Between December Storms

Scenic Drive Carmel Beach Walk photo BeachWalkDecember14201410_zpsafe0f65f.jpg
Between two storms.
Time to get out and walk Scenic Drive
from Ocean Avenue to Carmel River Beach. 
Scenic Drive Carmel Beach Walk photo BeachWalkDecember1420141_zps9c1e801e.jpg

Not the only one with this idea.
Scenic Drive Beach Walk photo BeachWalkDecember14201413_zps9d026695.jpg

Beach at Thirteenth Avenue
 taken back by the ocean.

Scenic Drive Carmel Beach Walk photo BeachWalkDecember14201419_zpseb5dbbd8.jpg

Walker House with Carmel Beach in the distance.

Scenic Drive Around Point photo BeachWalkDecember14201433_zps0cc11ed1.jpg

Round the Point to Carmel River Beach.

Carmel RIver Beach photo BeachWalkDecember14201494_zps45547b75.jpg
Hiding in the reeds in
 Carmel River Wetlands
Bufflehead Carmel Wetlands photo BeachWalkDecember14201437_zpse352161a.jpg
a family of Bufflehead out for a swim.

Carmel River Beach Breach photo BeachWalkDecember14201453_zps9917d298.jpg
Someone casts for Steelhead as the
river breaches the dune.

Carmel River Beach Breach photo BeachWalkDecember14201467_zpsea5ce30b.jpg
I consider crossing the river stream
to hike Carmel Meadows.
  The next wave shouts, not a good idea! 

Mission Ranch From River Beach photo BeachWalkDecember14201478a_zps19bcbf83.jpg
The Mission bells chime 11AM Mass
and my attention turns to toward the wetlands.

Mission Ranch photo BeachWalkDecember142014114_zps5ba4283d.jpg
I decide to detour off of Scenic Drive
and walk home via Dolores.
  But first a stop at Mission Ranch. 

Mission Ranch photo BeachWalkDecember142014109_zpsc1d3b1f6.jpg
There is something so fascinating about
Mr. Eastwood's wooly sheep.

Mission Ranch photo BeachWalkDecember142014123_zps27904a99.jpg

Gaudete in Domino semper!