Bridge Out - Walk from Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park to Nepenthe

In February 2017, the Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge was damaged by rain and a landslide.

Beyond repair, the bridge was demolished on March 18, 2017 by Cal-trans. 

Big Surians are pioneers in spirit and devised a way for the general public to get to the "Southside" without having to drive three hours. 

Addition to the Ridge Trail 

And that is just what we set out to do on Labor Day. This Google Map shows the trail from Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park to Nepenthe.

The following is our hike in pictures.  

Park in Day Use Lot #4
and head out toward the
seasonal footbridge.

After crossing the river,
turn left and proceed
about 1/4 mile to Campsite 31.

Hike Bypass Trail
about 3/4 mile to highway.

This is a 500 foot elevation
gain with nine switchbacks.

Scars left by the
Soberanes fire
 (July - October 2016).

At the highway.

Welcome to the Southside!! 
Turn left on the highway
and walk about 200 yards
to Big Sur Deli. 

 Here you have to make the decision
to walk 1 1/2 miles to Nepenthe
or take the shuttle for $5 one way.

 We chose to walk, 

 while others, who had carried their
bikes up the Bypass Trail, enjoyed a leisurely ride to Nepenthe

We made it!!! 

Drinks and lunch on the terrace.

After a two hour rest stop
 it is time to reverse the trip.

  We took the
shuttle to Big Sur Deli,

and walked the 3/4 mile Bypass Trail

 back to the parking lot. 

The Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge
should be open in late October. 

Until next time Happy Adventures! 

PS - October 13, 2017 the bridge is open! and there was dancing in the street.  Please see the Pine Cone October 20-26, 2017 _
Photography - L.A. Momboisse
Three videos Channel 8 News