Cinque Terre (Riomaggiore) - Momboisse Family Adventures September 2019 / Part 3

Hamlet of Riomaggiore

Explore Riomaggiore

After taking the train from Manarola we exit the train station at the most southern of the five villages, Riomaggiore.  From the station walk toward the pedestrian tunnel.

At the end of the  pedestrian tunnel turn left on to the via Colombo where you will find most of the options for dining in Riomaggiore.  

We also find the Carabinieri chatting with locals.

We picked Primo Platto & Veretical Louge Bar
 on the via Colombo

for lunch and refreshment.

From our lunch location we looked back down the via Colombo toward the Castle di Riomaggiore. You can see it in the picture below at the top of the hill.  

After lunch it is time to continue exploring Riomaggiore. 

We are on our way to the Oratoria di Nostra Signaora Assunta which is further up via Colombo.  You can see this area here on Googlemaps.  

Everyday is laundry day in Cinque Terre. 

We arrive at Oratoria di Nostra Signaora Assunta.  Here is what the area looks like from Googlemaps.  

The Oratoria di Nostra Signaora Assunta
 dates to the 15th century. 
Inside is a 15th century wooden triptych of the Madonna and Jesus.  

Exit the church and face back down the hill toward the sea.  Look for the archway to your right.  It is shown in the picture above.  Enter the archway, as this is the way to the Post Office and the Church of San Giovanni Battista of Riomagiore.  

This alley leads to the front of the Church
 of San Giovanni Battista of Riomaggiore. 

Built in 1340, renovated and enlarged in 1870.
The attached bell tower was originally a watchtower.

Inside there are a number of preserved works of art.  One that can be seen in the above photo is the wooden Crucifix by Italian sculptor Anton Maria Maragliano (1664 - 1739). We also notice the Tabernacle light is lit! 

As you exit the church stand with your back to the front door.  Just ahead is the path to the castle.  There will be two options.  Take the path to the right up the stairs shown in the picture above.  

At the foot of the stairs take a look off to your left at the town of Riomaggiore (see picture below). Somewhere among those vineyards is a trail up the side of that hill that leads to five sanctuaries.  We actually did try to find the trail head but did not have any luck.  

Keep walking straight and you will pass the Old School Gelateria & Snack Shop then begin your climb up the stairs to the Castello di Romaggiore.

The name of the street is via Pecunia. You can see this area from above here on Googlemaps

Eventually you will come out to the front of the Castello di Riomaggiore.  The castle is topped by two circular towers which flank the entrance.    Here is the area from above in Googlemaps.  

The Oratory of Saint Rocco is located across from the castle.

Construction of the Castle of Riomaggiore began in 1260 as part of the Republic of Genoa’s defense system. Once you walk past the castle you are overlooking the sea.  

From the top of the castle the view shown below is looking back toward the train station which is in the lower left.  Above that (in the lower left portion of the picture) is the path called via dell' Amore that runs along the rocky coast from Riomaggiore to Manarola.  This is not open as there have been a number of rock slides that have made this impassable.  

The picture below is looking from the castle hill back up via Colombo to the left in the picture is the bell tower of the San Giovanni Battista of Riomaggiore.

After exploring the Castello di Riomaggiore take the path back down to the front of the Church of San Giovanni Battista. 

Again turn around and with your back to the front door of the church this time you will walk straight ahead and take the left side of the street (the one without the stairs).  The blue railing will be on your right as you walk.  This will be the via Telemaco Signorini.  Continue on this down the hill, walk past the pedestrian tunnel to over look to the sea.  

The only way to travel. 

Pass by a number of wall murals that are
 in need of repair. 

The via Telemaco will veer right. 
The sea will be on your left.  

Pass the stairs that lead up to the

 Castello di Riomaggiore from the sea side.  

Continue walking along the sea wall and look down at the train station below.   In the distance behind the train station in the lower left of the photo below is the closed via dell' Amore which leads to Manarola. 

Riomaggiore train station.
We pass this and head to the trail head.  

Here is what we find at the trail head for the via dell' Amore.

Definitely in need of repair.  

Some though are willing to take the risk.  This man was just returning from a hike along this portion of the trail.  His wife and daughter were waiting for him.  Not sure how far he got, as there was a language barrier.  German is one language we can not make heads or tails of.  

It is only mid-afternoon and we are crazy enough to think we have time for one more hike before dark.  So we decide to hike from Vernazza to Monterosso. How hard could it be?

We return to the Riomaggiore train station and take the train three stops to Vernazza.  

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All photos by L. A. Momboisse and R. M. Momboissse