Veterans Day November 11, 2016 - Dedication of the War Memorial Centennial Bell - Carmel by the Sea

Every year on November 11th in the United States we observe Veterans Day, originally called Armistice Day, this day, historically marked the end of World War I.

(left to right) Bill Nye, Bernie McDermit (Post 512 Commander), Hazel Rodriguez (Ladies Auxiliary Unit 512, President), Greg Hinton, Paul Rodriguez (Area 2 S.A.L. Commissioner - holding flag) Councilman Bobby Richards (at podium) 

Monterey JNROTC Cadets

Though World War I officially ended with the Treaty of Versailles on June 28, 1919, actual fighting had ceased between the Allied nations and Germany seven months earlier when a temporary cessation of fighting, or armistice, went into effect at the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month.

John Tomkinson (Logistics Coordinator Monterey Stand Down)

Placing of the Wreaths at War Memorials

For this reason November 11, 1918, is generally regarded as the end of “the war to end all wars.” In 1938, Congress made the 11th day of the 11th month a legal holiday known as Armistice Day, a day to honor veterans of World War I.

 The Sounding of Taps

(left to right) Melania Barney (Ladies Auxiliary Unit, 512 Treasurer), Robin Falkenberg (Lady Auxiliary Unit 512, 1st Vice President)

RLS School Chorus

Time passed and America found herself in another war and then another. Clearly, World War I, was not “the war to end all wars,” and Armistice Day was in need of a name change.

Vietnam War Memorial, dedicated to the memory of Carmel's servicemen "Whose Blood was shed that we might live." Memorial lists 21 names of those who gave their lives in the Vietnam War during the period 1965 to 1970.

Korean War Memorial  - Remember “The Forgotten War” Korea 
"To honor those brave Americans who under trying circumstances fought and gave their lives to defend their country and the cause of freedom…
May God bless them all."

World War II Memorial - "In memory of Carmel Servicemen who gave their lives during WW II." Lists the names of 20 Carmel servicemen who lost their lives in World War II during the period 1942 through 1945, including one, Gordon Bain, who was killed while serving in England's Royal Air Force (RAF).

In 1954 after World War II, and Korea, the 83rd Congress, amended the 1938 Act by changing the word Armistice to Veterans and November 11th became a day to honor all American veterans of all wars.

Today and everyday is a time to thank our veterans for their service; those who have passed, those who are still with us (including my dad who will be 101 on November 24, 2016),

John M. Filippi (743rd Army Anti-Aircraft Battalion
New Guinea and the Philippines)

and those of the future. The freedom and opportunity we have as a citizen of this country, came at a price. It was won and continues to be protected, by the veterans of our Armed Forces.

Thank you to all who served our country - for your duty, honor, and service. May God mightily bless you all.

Here is a video of Carmel by the Sea's Veterans Day celebration and the dedication of the Centennial Bell by American Legion Post 512 Carmel-by-the-Sea 

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Photography and video taken 2016 Veterans Day honoring those who served, Carmel-by-the-Sea, California at Devendorf Park -  by LA  Momboisse  and RM Momboisse 


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